unerringly through

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  • Rhoda gripped her pony with her knees as the little fellow cantered unerringly through the darkness after Kut-le. Cited from The Heart of the Desert, by Honore' Willsie Morrow
  • Whoever this man was, he had been killed by a savage knifethrust that had gone straight and unerringly through the jugular vein. Cited from The Orange-Yellow Diamond, by J. S. Fletcher
  • Alexina had thrust her slim index finger unerringly through Gora's bristling armor and tickled her weakest spot. Cited from The Sisters-In-Law, by Gertrude Atherton
  • It was of a kind peculiarly suited to their powers; for they were brave and hardy, able to thread their way unerringly through the forests, and fond of surprises; and though they always fought on foot, they moved on horseback, and therefore with great celerity. Cited from The Winning of the West, Volume Two, by Theodore Roosevelt
  • And this calculated counteracting of the movements of the world, this holding of the mirror exactly opposite to the Mirrored, this steadying of the faculties unerringly through cloud and earthquake, fire and sword, is the stupendous co-operating labor of the Will. Cited from The Greatest Thing In the World and Other Addresses, by Henry Drummond