unerringly he

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  • Yet, when he chose, that is when Art bade him, how unerringly he chose the right momentum. Cited from Earthwork Out Of Tuscany, by Maurice Hewlett
  • Unerringly he followed an invisible trail, turning sharply up a slough, and went zig-zagging on without apparent plan. Cited from The Magnetic North, by Elizabeth Robins (C. E. Raimond)
  • Quickly, unerringly he placed the ladder against the iron post that sent its metallic ring into the clear night air as the ladder struck, and was three rounds up almost before it settled into position. Cited from The Long Ago, Jacob William Wright
  • Unerringly he launched himself at the drowsy partridge's throat, and his needlelike teeth sank through feathers into flesh. Cited from Baree, Son of Kazan, James Oliver Curwood
  • But now I recognized the subtlety of his attack; realized that unerringly he had taken the only means by which he could have gained a hearing; have temporized. Cited from The Metal Monster, by A. Merritt
  • But unerringly he trod the rude bridge underfoot, gained the other side without mishap, tossed down his bundle, and lowered himself from the log after it. Cited from The Everlasting Whisper, by Jackson Gregory
  • Robert was astonished when he brought some tale of trouble to the Hall to observe how swift was the perception of the recluse, and how unerringly he could detect a flaw in a narrative, or lay his finger upon the one point which rang false. Cited from The Doings Of Raffles Haw,bySir Arthur Conan Doyle