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  • Once home he fell ill, and was then unemployed for around ten months.
  • An unemployed person may be required to accept any kind of legal job.
  • This team helped the unemployed men occupy their time during these difficult times.
  • Unemployed people and married women were not allowed to buy anything at all.
  • They reduced the size of the army, and many soldiers became unemployed.
  • He did this to provide work for the local unemployed population.
  • This also means that unemployed residents would be better looking for employment outside the district.
  • The labor force of a country includes both the employed and the unemployed.
  • Small independent farmers are often considered self-employed; so, they cannot be unemployed.
  • With his father long-term unemployed, he grew up poor.
  • People in most parts of Europe were poor and many were unemployed.
  • The character was allowed to graduate from college a few years later, but remained unemployed.
  • The movement of the unemployed was the greatest mass movement in the party's history.
  • They also made athletic facilities available to unemployed members of the community.
  • An individual who cannot either join an enterprise or create a job is unemployed.
  • Two years later, however, he became unemployed because of his participation in a strike.
  • Others were students, unemployed people, part-time workers and people taking time off from work to protest.
  • His father, who had been unemployed for over a year, became the ship's first engineer.
  • Most unemployed people, if they get a job, get a time-limited contract in Sweden.
  • Many of them were unemployed, while some were university students.
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Meaning of unemployed

  • adjective Not engaged in a gainful occupation
    unemployed workers marched on the capital