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  • So that in these we cannot miss of a certain and undoubted reality. Cited from An Essay Concerning Humane Understanding, Volume II., by John Locke
  • It is an undoubted fact that the environment has a very decided effect upon the machine. Cited from The Story of the Living Machine, by H. W. Conn
  • He was the undoubted star of a young team which won promotion to the league.
  • Yet even here, where the general beauty is undoubted, is not the music too obvious? Cited from Aspects of Literature, by J. Middleton Murry
  • Can't you think of some way in which my undoubted talent for research may be made use of? Cited from Jennie Baxter, Journalist, by Robert Barr
  • Their language is simple, their meaning plain, and their truth undoubted. Cited from Life of Rutherford B. Hayes, by James Quay Howard
  • Would the proposed change affect any custom of undoubted value to the community? Cited from International Conference ... Fixing a Prime Meridian ..., by Various
  • That such an action has occurred, is undoubted, though perhaps the circumstances may not have reached us with truth. Cited from The Writings of Thomas Jefferson, Vol. 1 (of 4), ed. by T. J. Randolph
  • The first undoubted exploration of the mighty river took place thirty-five years later. Cited from French Pathfinders in North America, by William Henry Johnson
  • Another young woman might have claimed her undoubted right to evade such a pointed question. Cited from The Quickening, by Francis Lynde
  • The latter fact spoke perhaps more convincingly for the undoubted success she had created than did the former. Cited from Vera Nevill, by Mrs. H. Lovett Cameron
  • Then Rose concluded that at present there is no undoubted evidence to change the established views.
  • Here, then, we have an undoubted example of a historic type. Cited from Companion to the Bible, by E. P. Barrows
  • As compared with his life in Britain, his career in Canada had been an undoubted success. Cited from The Story of the Upper Canada Rebellion, Vol. 1, by John Charles Dent
  • The number of undoubted American citizens who were seized rose in a few years actually to many thousands. Cited from John Quincy Adams, by John T. Morse
  • That the beautiful old town has been laid in ashes is undoubted. Cited from New York Times Current History: The European War, Mar 1915, V. 1, No. 1
  • That a race of men having these characteristics did exist in Wales is undoubted. Cited from Welsh Folk-Lore, by Elias Owen
  • I have full confidence in his judgment, and his conduct in the field is undoubted. Cited from Life and Correspondence of Sir Isaac Brock, by Ferdinand Brock Tupper
  • Such persons accept as undoubted anything that their senses report to them. Cited from Clairvoyance and Occult Powers, by Swami Panchadasi
  • It is the undoubted justice of his cause which gives him his lofty and noble style. Cited from Authors of Greece, by T. W. Lumb
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