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  • Her early life is generally undocumented and has produced many ideas and opinion.
  • There are thought to be many more as-yet-undocumented species within the forest.
  • His early life is very undocumented, and his date of birth is unknown.
  • Access to a college education can help improve the status of undocumented youth.
  • However, there are some undocumented methods that may make this possible in the future.
  • Most of these workers are undocumented and from different countries of origin than the country they work in.
  • This leads many youth to follow into the same job pool as their undocumented parents.
  • These states have created their own laws and requirements to be able to accept undocumented students.
  • So far as is known, the site was never identified and the finds appear largely undocumented.
  • These markers often become the first time many youth learn that they are undocumented.
  • The meeting was peaceful and no legal action was taken against the undocumented students.
  • As a result, much of his early fighting career is undocumented.
  • Her parents were undocumented workers who came to this country from Mexico.
  • The district is divided into smaller undocumented areas each with several primary schools and fewer secondary schools.
  • While his year of birth is considered to be approximately correct, the day and month remained undocumented.
  • Their marriage resulted in a son but for undocumented reasons they separated.
  • It is not clear which are distinct languages at this point since some are undocumented.
  • It would provide a mechanism for undocumented students of good moral character to become legal permanent residents.
  • His brother and sister were also undocumented on arrival in America.
  • The undocumented nature of her death has led to much controversy as to her motives.
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Meaning of undocumented

  • adjective Lacking necessary documents (as for e.g. permission to live or work in a country)
    undocumented aliens, undocumented tax deductions