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  • The boy was content and allowed his father to continue the work undisturbed.
  • They saw a few white men during the winter but were undisturbed.
  • Sometimes, the traffic must be stopped so that the birds find their way undisturbed.
  • A significant portion of the site remains undisturbed from the time of the fire.
  • The walls were left in place undisturbed beneath the new track structure.
  • These creatures will always walk in the same direction if left undisturbed.
  • This area is believed to be undisturbed since ancient times, and contains many trees of a great age.
  • They like to be close to agricultural fields, but only in undisturbed forest areas.
  • Due to their remote location, the islands remain largely undisturbed by human activities.
  • This is often most easily achieved by increasing the amount of land that will remain undisturbed.
  • If it is known where these areas are, birds can be left alone to feed undisturbed.
  • Before the test is started the undisturbed ground temperature must be determined.
  • Interest is high due to the undisturbed nature of the site.
  • The two married and lived in undisturbed happiness to a great age.
  • The two main interior spaces have for the most part remained undisturbed over a century.
  • The natural setting of the park is undisturbed by development of even an entrance to the park.
  • The lake is largely undisturbed due to no nearby roads or towns.
  • Because of limited development in that area; the site is relatively undisturbed.
  • I could move my eyes and my hearing was undisturbed.
  • Absorbed by study and his duties, his life was largely undisturbed for thirty years until his death.
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