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  • This way he became an undisputed leader of mass over vast areas.
  • For the vast majority of his stay, he was the undisputed team captain.
  • Currently, he is the team captain and undisputed leader on the field.
  • Women already represent more an undisputed majority in many of the college courses.
  • This letter is now generally regarded as one of the undisputed works of Paul.
  • Despite his young age, he eventually became an undisputed starter and team captain.
  • Apart from his superior ball skills, his natural authority made him the undisputed leader of his team.
  • Any short article of the present kind can provide certainty only on those few events which are undisputed.
  • In the following two seasons, he was an undisputed started with his team in League One.
  • The general undisputed opinion was that her death most likely occurred at the time of her collapse.
  • They are also the first Division I school in modern times to claim three straight undisputed national titles.
  • He was an undisputed leader until his death in Yanam after his father.
  • The winners of these matches would then play each other to become undisputed World Champion.
  • In the final game, England needed only a draw to win the trophy undisputed.
  • Undisputed, however are the origin of the movement in the late 1970s Canada.
  • There is no single, undisputed official version of Truth's speech.
  • This time, he was an undisputed starter for the side - playing in six of seven games - whom eventually finished third.
  • This was the American Association's only undisputed championship over the National League.
  • At that time Paris was the undisputed capital of the still-new printing press.
  • Charles VII had thus established himself as the undisputed king of almost all of France.
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