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  • They had all read his affidavit, and regarded him with undisguised interest. Cited from Round the Block, by John Bell Bouton
  • If he told me that at any moment he was wholly undisguised, I should be quite sure that he was lying. Cited from The Lost Naval Papers, by Bennet Copplestone
  • The king made a trial of the dispositions of his army, in a manner still more undisguised. Cited from The History of England in Three Volumes, Vol. I, Part F, by David Hume
  • Several people watched with interest the two boys who stared at everything and everybody in such undisguised wonder. Cited from Rod of the Lone Patrol, by H. A. Cody
  • In this, as in everything else, I shall show the undisguised emotions of my soul. Cited from Complete Works of Robert Burns, by Robert Burns and Allan Cunningham
  • Francis read it over very carefully; and then looked up with an expression of undisguised satisfaction. Cited from Forty-one Thieves, A Tale of California, by Angelo Hall
  • Neither festivities nor the undisguised devotion of a city young man were common in her life. Cited from Unleavened Bread, by Robert Grant
  • He turned his face from the sight, in undisguised horror. Cited from The Spy, by James Fenimore Cooper
  • On this occasion I thought the simplest way would be to go undisguised. Cited from My Adventures as a Spy, by Robert Baden-Powell
  • An individual acquires goods produced by others through the medium of undisguised social relations.
  • For if the truth be told there is little more than a single path to all the goals that the undisguised European may reach. Cited from Morocco, by S.L. Bensusan
  • His undisguised stare brought me back to a sense of the proportion of things. Cited from The Pool in the Desert, Sara Jeannette Duncan
  • When I expressed some of these opinions I discovered that both officers looked at me with undisguised sympathy. Cited from Abroad with the Jimmies, by Lilian Bell
  • They were the first legislative elections held under undisguised Communist rule.
  • To be sure, this did not come in the form of undisguised admiration. Cited from Campfire Girls in the Allegheny Mountains, by Stella M. Francis
  • In the club-circle he was the object of an open, undisguised admiration. Cited from The Knights of the White Shield, by Edward A. Rand
  • And so he talked on till the boy's sorrow was undisguised. Cited from Eric, by Frederic William Farrar
  • He bares his mind, undisguised, about how not to own a private aircraft through corrupt means.
  • His own undisguised impression was, that his mother had cherished a guilty love for another than her husband. Cited from Wacousta, by John Richardson (Complete)
  • Nobody worried about it, and then he went and undisguised himself again. Cited from Tenterhooks, by Ada Leverson
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