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  • While only four of its are state owned, the island is mostly undeveloped.
  • Significant construction work on the previously undeveloped northern part of campus also took place during this time.
  • He also worked on two of his own comedy films that ultimately went undeveloped.
  • The area is generally undeveloped compared to the other parts of the island.
  • No services are provided due to the undeveloped nature of the park.
  • Much of the campus property remains undeveloped as forest and open space.
  • Some islands can be bought undeveloped, while others already have roads and/or houses.
  • The area between the two towns was, and still remains in part, undeveloped.
  • Constant development has reduced the amount of undeveloped land within the town.
  • Initially his personality is very undeveloped, as he is just a small child.
  • As part of the transition, large areas of undeveloped land became city property.
  • North of the High Street the land remained undeveloped until the end of the century.
  • The land surrounding the park was largely wild and undeveloped until the 1970s.
  • The project was never completed and the proposed site remains undeveloped.
  • Undeveloped land was used where possible, and the edge of the river was filled in at various points.
  • The southern end of the island formed a small peninsula, which has been left largely undeveloped.
  • The rest of the mountain is in private hands and is by and large undeveloped.
  • The university also has a policy to preserve more than half the campus as undeveloped green space.
  • However this was rejected by the local council and the land remains undeveloped.
  • Despite such promises over the past four decades, the south side remains undeveloped.
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Meaning of undeveloped

  • adjective Not developed
    courses in interior design were rare and undeveloped, undeveloped social awareness