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  • Clearly this is undesirable as our vision would rotate when we looked up and down.
  • The recording can further be used to identify advantage players whose activities, while legal, make them undesirable customers.
  • Also undesirable side effects that are usually seen with punishment are not typically found when using the response cost technique.
  • Regulations focus on whether particular methods cause pain and suffering, not whether their death is undesirable in itself.
  • In the public supply of water this is an undesirable property.
  • Even if the system appears to work correctly, undesirable side effects may have resulted from the active task being killed.
  • Members of the property-owners association told Cole they did not want any undesirables moving in.
  • This was due to location shooting taking place in rather undesirable areas where the criminals were.
  • Modern ballistic weapons commonly feature systems to counter many of the undesirable side-effects mentioned above.
  • In that way I can also keep the missionary element out, as well as other undesirables. Cited from Two Years in the Forbidden City, Princess Der Ling
  • Before they mature, their shells are more easily broken, making them undesirable.
  • Remaining urban housing options are often undesirable due to issues of quality.
  • Like all economic systems, Whuffie has effects that seem undesirable to many.
  • It is these side effects that make it undesirable for most patients to take higher amounts of the medicine.
  • Adherence to no particular style is also a style in its own right; some may think it undesirable, others not.
  • When the system enters this problem state, unexpected and undesirable behavior may result.
  • These cities are by no means occupied by their builders alone, but have their undesirables within their borders. Cited from The Human Side of Animals, by Royal Dixon
  • The presence of water causes undesirable base hydrolysis, so the reaction must be kept dry.
  • These lines have low loss, but also have undesirable characteristics.
  • Cross-wind movement is not desired, and may be very much undesirable, if for instance the ship is moving along a narrow channel.
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Meaning of undesirable

  • noun One whose presence is undesirable
    rounding up vagrants and drunks and other undesirables
  • adjective Not wanted
    undesirable impurities in steel, legislation excluding undesirable aliens, removed the unwanted vegetation