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  • Authorities on each side work to keep out from the other that which is undesirable.
  • He was sent out of town as an 'undesirable' several days later.
  • This is undesirable for running programs and applications that use a large amount of video memory.
  • Some individuals may over-report good behavior, while others may under-report bad, or undesirable behavior.
  • If taken too early in the evening, the action of this drug can start during sleep with undesirable results.
  • G could be increased, but this is highly undesirable since increasing G will increase the loss.
  • The impact is the result of the policy action that make it undesirable.
  • However, there is a growing body of evidence that these machines can produce undesirable by-products.
  • Since they are generally undesirable for chemical purposes, efforts are made to avoid their formation.
  • Once he reached his destination, he was asked to complete five undesirable challenges.
  • As a general rule, breeding young horses prior to the age of three is considered undesirable.
  • The main character is expelled because of undesirable actions on his or her part.
  • Safety engineers consider what undesirable events can occur under what conditions, and project the related accident risk.
  • This is an undesirable condition in life-critical systems such as aircraft or heavy machinery.
  • This is an example of a direct cross-connection -- undesirable material is being pushed into the system.
  • Hate is an undesirable side effect of the player's attack on an enemy.
  • Although this greatly opened up the choice of schools for students, it had undesirable consequences.
  • However, even here there are often undesirable side effects.
  • However, without the use of public-key cryptography, one may be left with undesirable key-management problems.
  • The new transmission location proved undesirable as the station could barely be received in its own control room.
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Meaning of undesirable

  • noun One whose presence is undesirable
    rounding up vagrants and drunks and other undesirables
  • adjective Not wanted
    undesirable impurities in steel, legislation excluding undesirable aliens, removed the unwanted vegetation