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  • Info Underweight is a term describing a human whose body weight is considered too low to be healthy. more...
  • West/Central Africa has the highest rate of children under five underweight in the world.
  • As a result he was short and very underweight as a child.
  • "Very low food security is associated with being underweight, but again only for women".
  • Underweight individuals may also be subject to appearance-related negative treatment.
  • One twin may grow to be an average weight, while the other is underweight.
  • Freddie had to stay in a special care unit for several days as he was underweight.
  • Already underweight from years of prison rations, some were at half their pre-war body weight by the end.
  • There is a great fear of weight gain or becoming fat although the patient is underweight.
  • After less than a week, the calf, who was born underweight, died.
  • Being underweight is an established risk factor for osteoporosis, even for young people.
  • However, they still have a lower mortality rate than children who have other, more severe, medical reasons why they are born underweight.
  • Underweight - When a child is underweight, the child's weight is too low for their age.
  • The most effective interventions for weight gain in underweight women is not clear.
  • In the race, he finished in seventh place, but was disqualified after the race for having an underweight car.
  • The review found no significant relation between oligospermia and being underweight.
  • Kubica finished seventh, although he was later disqualified after his car was found to be underweight.
  • In financial markets, underweight is a term used when rating stock.
  • He was promptly called up by the draft, but, being underweight, was rejected.
  • If Courageous was found to be underweight during the event she would have been disqualified.
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