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  • At about this time he also undertook teaching duties at his father's school.
  • By year's end the group undertook their first national tour.
  • He again returned to the Church later in life and undertook a number of religious art projects.
  • At any rate they became friends and undertook activities together on half-holidays.
  • He also undertook a number of roles in works by other writers.
  • They undertook a successful tour of the UK the following month.
  • He then undertook a variety of jobs, wrote songs and ran a folk club.
  • The city undertook construction of a new city hall, designed to match its ambitions.
  • He undertook an expedition that came to last three years.
  • Columbia then undertook three further research missions to test its technical characteristics and performance.
  • Based on this collection, he undertook works on commission for which his pupils no less than himself were made available.
  • His approach prepared the way for later medical research, but Rush himself undertook none of it.
  • However, he built up his private practice and also undertook work as a dental officer in the public service.
  • Here he undertook the experiments that would make him famous.
  • In the same year he undertook the first flight from a mountain in Lower Austria.
  • The Japanese undertook a north-south island railway project.
  • Following his appointment as leader, Wall undertook a full review of party policies.
  • David undertook this task not out of personal political conviction but rather because he was commissioned to do so.
  • Following this duty, she undertook a number of training exercises off the Atlantic coast.
  • He added territory to Babylonia and undertook much building work in the city.
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Root form of undertook is undertake for the verb.

Words starting with undertook

Meaning of undertook

  • verb Enter upon an activity or enterprise
  • verb Accept as a challenge
    I'll tackle this difficult task
  • verb Promise to do or accomplish
    guarantee to free the prisoners
  • verb Accept as a charge