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  • The band also began undertaking an even more complex musical direction from the last album.
  • Undertaking a global studies course can also include field work or research in a particular area of interest.
  • This undertaking involved crossing a good deal of open ground in full view of the enemy.
  • On the third day, however, he was released under the written undertaking not to leave the country.
  • It will be quite an undertaking to carry on all the work in America.
  • The Library has a history of undertaking research in the field of library and information work.
  • Leaving school he continued to study in his free time whilst undertaking a series of jobs.
  • In them he tells us of the duties that a person undertaking a life of marriage should perform.
  • Forget about not being able to work; getting out of bed was a major undertaking.
  • Such an undertaking had never before been made by a club, and it was considered an extremely novel idea.
  • But there was not enough support and staff to handle more projects then what they were already undertaking.
  • All the while, he continued undertaking works on commission for which his pupils no less than himself were made available.
  • He has appeared on some of the most significant albums of his era, as well as undertaking solo projects.
  • She was forced to put all working commitments on hold while undertaking treatment for the disease.
  • A sports fan, he also spent much of his time trying to keep fit, undertaking regular exercise.
  • Very specific strategies include working with young people, undertaking public works.
  • Like any human undertaking, projects need to be performed and delivered under certain constraints.
  • As such, he could put the relief work programs to good use building infrastructure and undertaking other capital works projects.
  • The project was an immense undertaking which occupied the artist for the next thirty years.
  • Local government authorities were therefore established as authorities primarily responsible for funding and undertaking road construction and maintenance.
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Root form of undertaking is undertake for the verb.

Words starting with undertaking

Meaning of undertaking

  • noun Any piece of work that is undertaken or attempted
    he prepared for great undertakings
  • noun The trade of a funeral director
  • verb Enter upon an activity or enterprise
  • verb Accept as a challenge
    I'll tackle this difficult task
  • verb Promise to do or accomplish
    guarantee to free the prisoners
  • verb Accept as a charge