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  • Officers of other arms and services and even some foreign officers undertake the course.
  • All medical schools have research programs for students who wish to undertake scientific work.
  • Students can undertake senior school studies for up to three years.
  • I have seen him often undertake most dangerous things in the last wars.
  • He also had to undertake a job not connected with writing again.
  • During both world wars women were needed by the national war effort to undertake new roles.
  • If he should die before this time, his eldest son would undertake the expedition.
  • It was too small to undertake sustained operations far away from the home support facilities.
  • Clearly, if I want to continue my career I have to undertake another tour.
  • During this campaign, he announced that his government would undertake a further right-wing policy shift if re-elected.
  • The park was intended to undertake a teaching role to make people see war period at place and with applications.
  • After passing out they are appointed midshipmen, and undertake another six months of training at sea.
  • He tours Canada frequently to undertake duties related to his Canadian military role.
  • He watched film as personally as he expected the director to undertake it.
  • In addition, we look forward to developing the partnership to undertake joint research and staff development.
  • According to the company's web site, they have thus far declined to undertake this study.
  • For this purpose he was to undertake a five-month tour of Europe and North America.
  • Some students undertake their pre-university studies in private colleges.
  • Its main aim is to train its students to undertake leading positions in a wide range of educational institutions.
  • These students are able to undertake undergraduate courses while they are in full-time employment.
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Meaning of undertake

  • verb Enter upon an activity or enterprise
  • verb Accept as a challenge
    I'll tackle this difficult task
  • verb Promise to do or accomplish
    guarantee to free the prisoners
  • verb Accept as a charge