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  • The body is usually black or dark-gray above and white underneath.
  • The brave can be found running underneath them as they do so.
  • The last one to do so must pick up the pack underneath their hands.
  • One person stood on a raised platform, with the board below him, and the other person stood underneath them.
  • The body is dark grey-brown on top and white underneath.
  • The story of this bridge is unusual in that it was built without a river running underneath it.
  • Its remains still lie underneath the city centre today.
  • Underneath the main stand was located an indoor running/warm up track.
  • They have white spots on their head and on their back and a v-shaped white area underneath.
  • The body is brown on top and white underneath with black spots.
  • It is said that the army still lives underneath the pile of rock.
  • Each is located underneath a housing estate, and was built mainly for the residents in that area.
  • The departure area is a large, wide space underneath the tracks.
  • The city plans to build a wide pedestrian area along the river and run the road underneath it.
  • Because of this set-up the team benches are actually directly underneath the stands.
  • A small rug would sometimes be required for his feet underneath the piano.
  • The body is brown on top and white underneath.
  • At the same time the legs are pulled closer and moved underneath of the body towards the wall.
  • He put the live fish underneath his coat and the fish slapped his face with his tail.
  • The body is dark gray above and light underneath.
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Meaning of underneath

  • adverb On the lower or downward side; on the underside of
    a chest of drawers all scratched underneath
  • adverb Under or below an object or a surface; at a lower place or level; directly beneath
    we could see the original painting underneath, a house with a good foundation underneath