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  • Info In finance, the underlying of a derivative is an asset, basket of assets, index, or even another derivative, such that the cash flows of the (former) derivative depend on the value of this underlying. more...
  • Also, the underlying name of the star system itself can follow several different systems.
  • Some games give a different name to these types of matches, while still using the same underlying concept.
  • In order to more fully understand the music being played, the student must learn about the underlying music theory.
  • In many cases, however, no underlying physical cause can be identified.
  • Such an underlying truth, if it exists, is thought to have not yet been discovered.
  • The underlying philosophy was that such integration would provide higher performance at lower cost.
  • His underlying interest was to understand the basic forms of religious life for all societies.
  • The underlying set of the module and its operation must form a group.
  • Each virtual machine can run any operating system supported by the underlying hardware.
  • On the other hand, there is a class of properties that are independent of the underlying material.
  • He wrote that good strategy has an underlying structure he called a kernel.
  • She portrays the problems of individual characters as universal underlying issues in every society.
  • It is only effective when supported by the underlying network.
  • While the term is widely recognized and used, both the term and the underlying concept have been criticized.
  • It is still in military hands but the underlying tunnels can still be visited.
  • In the course of this complex and deeply personal work, he developed the principles underlying his ideal society.
  • ABC could not directly access the underlying file system and operating system.
  • Because it knows nothing about the underlying language, its use has been criticized and many of its features built directly into other languages.
  • Over the next five years his style increasingly integrated Italian influences into underlying Northern forms.
  • In that sentence, the underlying thought is of the individual members of the team working together to finish the project.
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Root form of underlying is underlie for the verb.

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Meaning of underlying

  • verb Be or form the base for
  • verb Lie underneath