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  • Case studies have been used in graduate and undergraduate business education for nearly one hundred years.
  • In fact, he never had any formal training in philosophy beyond his undergraduate education.
  • All undergraduate students study the third year of the program in Rome.
  • The program is offered for both undergraduate programs and certain graduate programs.
  • Today, the university offers high school level classes along with undergraduate and graduate degrees.
  • The university is organized into five undergraduate colleges, seven professional schools, and four professional health science schools.
  • Often, these are entirely undergraduate institutions, although some have graduate school programs.
  • The student society's leadership is elected annually during campus wide undergraduate student elections.
  • It is usually available only to students who achieve a distinction average in their undergraduate studies.
  • Since that date, the University has offered both undergraduate and graduate degrees and programs.
  • It contains thirteen undergraduate programs of study as well as six graduate programs.
  • Since this time the college has become fully mixed, with undergraduate numbers expanding to nearly seven hundred.
  • After receiving his undergraduate degree, he went to Columbia University to study philosophy.
  • It takes three or four years to complete an "undergraduate" degree.
  • Since then, software engineering undergraduate degrees have been established at many universities.
  • The majority of undergraduate students at the university live and take classes on the River Campus.
  • Graduates of undergraduate music programs can go on to further study in music graduate programs.
  • Many programs require previous undergraduate education prior to medical school admission.
  • Five thousand undergraduate and graduate students study at the university.
  • Four year degree programmes are conducted in these universities at the undergraduate level.
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  • noun A university student who has not yet received a first degree