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  • One month after undergoing neck and back surgery he was released from hospital.
  • The city is undergoing strong growth with the opening of a new bank and several new stores.
  • The library has been undergoing great changes in the resource structure in the recent years.
  • The airport is also undergoing construction to allow for night operations.
  • Land reclamation work is currently undergoing off the southern part of the island.
  • The land is now undergoing restoration as a forest garden and is open to the public.
  • She died the next day after undergoing various unsuccessful operations.
  • He continued working while undergoing treatment for his illness and also became a cancer advocate.
  • The area has been undergoing a period of rapid growth.
  • The aircraft being retained have been undergoing a service life extension programme.
  • The aircraft was still undergoing tests at the time of Japan's final defeat.
  • Europe in the early part of the 19th century was undergoing its Industrial Revolution.
  • The golden rice project is one such effort, and is already undergoing trials.
  • As a result, education funding has been undergoing an ongoing review in recent years.
  • Exactly one year later, she died at a Phoenix hospital while undergoing treatment for a heart condition.
  • Cadets already undergoing training in the current system will complete their training under the outgoing system.
  • The engine is undergoing extensive conservation works, together with its original shaft and engine-house.
  • While undergoing repairs, the war ended and eliminated the need for further service.
  • The group, undergoing many line-up changes, toured and released several live recordings through the 1990s.
  • For the last two years, the ground has been undergoing renovation.
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Root form of undergoing is undergo for the verb.

Meaning of undergoing

  • verb Pass through
    The chemical undergoes a sudden change, The fluid undergoes shear, undergo a strange sensation