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  • This is usually because such an agent has not conducted any prior undercover activity.
  • It was intended that the undercover operation last for around six months.
  • While leaving the crime scene, he was observed by an undercover officer.
  • Much of the investigation's evidence was obtained by police officers going undercover as police officers.
  • These scenes possibly led to the subsequent undercover operation by federal authorities.
  • He never takes off his mask in the series, even when once going undercover in a business suit.
  • They often work on task forces and in undercover assignments throughout the state.
  • He has also made guest appearances on other TV shows including New York Undercover.
  • She added that she had been travelling undercover for three years preparing for the attack.
  • A variety of off duty, back up, and undercover weapons are also authorized.
  • When word of a warrant for his arrest issued because of these activities reached him, he went undercover.
  • The yard was especially suited to the construction of large vessels due to its developed undercover facilities.
  • The author also worked undercover in many compliance fields such as car sales and door-to-door sales.
  • She is said to be in a deep undercover operation.
  • Two undercover police officers appear in a police sports car within the game when three felony stars are obtained by the player.
  • Some undercover efforts have led to lawsuits or government action against the companies or universities.
  • But with her cover blown, she could never be undercover again.
  • There are two principal problems that can affect agents working in undercover roles.
  • The prisoner instead went to the authorities and they set Wilson up with an undercover agent.
  • Two sets of four detectives were attached to his person, two were to act undercover.
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