undeniably felt

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  • They both undeniably felt freer now that he was gone. Cited from A Modern Instance, by William Dean Howells
  • Nevertheless, though many persons not wholly satisfied with him supported him for this reason, the great majority undeniably felt implicit faith and intense loyalty towards him. Cited from Abraham Lincoln, Vol. II, by John T. Morse
  • It would be painful, in view of what we know of Frederick Prendergast, to dwell upon what Madeline Anderson undeniably felt. Cited from The Pool in the Desert, Sara Jeannette Duncan
  • It was undeniably felt that the new idea, the great idea whose putative fatherhood in Canada certainly lay at the door of the Liberal party, had drawn in fewer supporters than might have been expected. Cited from The Imperialist, by Sara Jeannette Duncan
  • Yet, on the other side, the 'cold non- natural wind' of seances, of Swedenborg, and of a hundred stories, old or new, is undeniably felt by some sceptical observers, even on occasions where no professional charlatan is engaged. Cited from Cock Lane and Common-Sense, by Andrew Lang