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  • He went through his junior cross country season undefeated and won the state title.
  • The station carried every game of the undefeated football team in that first season.
  • It was the first home season in six years that Australia went undefeated.
  • It was the first Australian season in six years where they were undefeated.
  • In the team's nine-year existence they have had six undefeated regular seasons.
  • The victory completed the only undefeated season in the history of Canadian professional football.
  • Scoring two goals in seven games, he helped Canada go undefeated to win gold.
  • The team went undefeated that season and it earned the top spot.
  • While not known as a great general, he was undefeated during his lifetime.
  • The Power is now undefeated in regular season play for the third consecutive year.
  • They again finished top undefeated and advanced into the finals with East Germany.
  • He recorded two goals and seven points as Canada went undefeated in seven games to win the gold medal.
  • This was also the first time the River went undefeated to become the national champions.
  • The team was undefeated in his first season and won the Maryland state championship.
  • He retired from the event following this victory making him the only undefeated player in the history of the world championships.
  • He was also undefeated in all home league games.
  • The team was undefeated through their first twenty games.
  • They also finished the post-season undefeated at home.
  • This first round knockout defeat caused her to lose her title and her undefeated status.
  • He was undefeated in battle and is considered one of history's most successful military commanders.
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Meaning of undefeated

  • adjective Victorious
    undefeated in battle, an undefeated team