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  • Info "Undecided" is a popular song written by Sid Robin and Charlie Shavers and published in 1938.
  • They finally went away and held a council of war, which seemed to leave them undecided. Cited from The Boss of the Lazy Y, by Charles Alden Seltzer
  • He remained undecided on whether or not he wanted to keep playing.
  • Form undecided; has sometimes even only one period, sometimes three or two. Cited from Critical & Historical Essays, by Edward MacDowell
  • Yet at the end, it is undecided whether he has found them or not.
  • He was silent for a moment, as if undecided what to say next. Cited from Leonora, by Arnold Bennett
  • They were undecided as to whom they would get to play the second bass position.
  • At the open deck-port he stood, as though undecided what to do. Cited from Wandl the Invader, by Raymond King Cummings
  • The rules then in force allowed this with a single victory and three undecided matches.
  • Perhaps a soft and somewhat undecided nature had something to do with my failure. Cited from The Big Otter, by R.M. Ballantyne
  • Yet I had too clearly studied my own character and position to be undecided. Cited from The Home or, Life in Sweden, by Fredrika Bremer
  • She said that she probably would return to school, but that she was still undecided about her specific direction.
  • He stood looking to right and left, and seemed to be undecided. Cited from Brood of the Witch-Queen, by Sax Rohmer
  • For a moment the former looked undecided, and he read her thoughts. Cited from By Berwen Banks, by Allen Raine
  • I did not answer you at first, because I was undecided what to do with you. Cited from The Wizard of the Sea, by Roy Rockwood
  • The former stood undecided for a moment, and during this space of time he caught sight of me. Cited from Hearts and Masks, by Harold MacGrath
  • For some little while he stood by the open window, silent, undecided. Cited from The Four Feathers, by A. E. W. Mason
  • Whether the god was named after the place, or the place named after the god, is undecided.
  • He stopped short and lay down upon the earth for a few minutes, during which the doctor remained undecided. Cited from Bunyip Land, by George Manville Fenn
  • It was a question that occupied her all the evening, and the following morning found her still undecided. Cited from Salthaven, by W. W. Jacobs
  • He also said that he was still undecided on whether he would still be playing after the current football season ends.
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