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  • UND was founded in 1883, six years before North Dakota became a state.
  • He had to beg the theater director to stage his last work, List und Zufall.
  • The group also recorded a German version of the song, entitled "Johnny und Joe".
  • Although famous for his Sturm und Drang style plays, many of his earlier plays were very classical in style.
  • Many of the UND pieces also bear a name or initial of the student or instructor responsible for the item.
  • He also began writing engineering papers in the German motor publication Auto Motor und Sport.
  • UND produced pottery for sale from the early 1900s and continues to the present day.
  • The album combines traditional Swedish folk music with classical, pop und jazz influences.
  • As a freshman at UND, Bochenski led his team with five game-winning goals and was third in total points.
  • UND Law has a formal Curricular Mission Statement to guide changes to its educational program.
  • More and more, he became involved with the Sturm und Drang movement, which influenced both his writing and his music.
  • In the 1960s and 1970s, many student protests occurred at UND.
  • UND is one of the winningest college football programs.
  • Young's name soon became a battle-cry for the young men of the Sturm und Drang movement.
  • UND also has active Theater Arts and Music departments.
  • Members of Tradition und Leben believe that Germany should become a democratic parliamentary monarchy.
  • Land und Herrschaft remained a standard text in Germany for the history of medieval social organization from a cultural perspective.
  • A multicultural center at UND is named after her.
  • May's own drama Babel und Bibel has not been played on a bigger stage yet.
  • They owned the land and exercised the Zwing und Bann rights over the entire village.
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