und Nebel

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  • Political prisoners and so called "Nacht und Nebel"-prisoners where also arrested.
  • The camp was specially set up for Nacht und Nebel prisoners, in most cases people of the resistance movements.
  • Therefore, Nacht Und Nebel ceased to exist, although there was one final album, Songs for Ever.
  • BEI NACHT UND NEBEL, if it could not be managed otherwise, but, however it happened, he must go. Cited from Maurice Guest, Henry Handel Richardson
  • It was released as a single from Nacht und Nebel's second album, also titled Beats of Love.
  • The arrest and deportation of political leaders into the Nacht und Nebel camps in Germany also intensified after this.
  • His father was Nacht und Nebel prisoner in Germany.
  • After nine months he was transferred to Grini and later to a German Nacht und Nebel camp in February 1943.
  • He was then shipped to Germany and Nacht und Nebel camps.
  • Seven of these people died, but after stays in six different Nacht und Nebel camps, Reksten returned to Norway after the war's end.
  • While still a student, he was also active in the Norwegian resistance movement during World War II and was imprisoned as a Nacht und Nebel inmate.
  • It was known as one of the places of no return (Nacht und Nebel), from which the only way out was to the execution site, or to a German concentration camp.
  • Gross-Rosen was known for its brutal treatment of the so-called Nacht und Nebel prisoners vanishing without a trace from targeted communities.
  • This tactic was given the name Nacht und Nebel (Night and Fog), to describe those who disappeared after being arrested by Nazi forces without any warning.
  • The reasons for Nacht und Nebel were many.
  • Nazi officials authorized the disappearance of hostages into 'night and fog' (Nacht und Nebel) whence few returned.
  • During her weekly visits to Sachsenhausen she learned that some of the Norwegian prisoners had been transported to the Natzweiler as Nacht und Nebel prisoners.
  • It was also the guiding strategy behind the Nazi government's Nacht und Nebel (Night & Fog) policy in Western Europe.
  • "Beats of Love" is a single by Belgian band Nacht und Nebel, released in 1983.
  • He was incarcerated in Grini concentration camp until September 1943, when he was shipped to the Nacht und Nebel system in Germany.
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