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  • By morning, the girls part ways and Jack is uncritically hit by a car.
  • He certainly had no intention of proceeding uncritically, as we shall see a little later. Cited from An Introduction to Philosophy, by George Stuart Fullerton
  • At the same time, I enter a note of warning against reading even such good writers uncritically. Cited from Handbook of Ethical Theory,George Stuart Fullerton
  • On the other hand, most of these points can be explained by the way he uncritically copies from his sources.
  • We uncritically feel that it could hardly have been otherwise in the case of one with whom poetry was a passion. Cited from The Bibliotaph, and Other People, by Leon H. Vincent
  • While generally supportive of the government, it has not been uncritically so.
  • He's just taken this other man's statements uncritically. Cited from Little Fuzzy, by Henry Beam Piper
  • He argues, this is the model that the early artificial intelligence community uncritically adopted.
  • All major newspapers essentially follow the government line and tend to report uncritically on the activities of the President.
  • One service these restless minds however will do: they eventually will uncritically through the religions they themselves have invented. Cited from This Simian World, by Clarence Day Jr
  • Nevertheless, many college textbooks in psychology and education have uncritically reported the project's results.
  • They believe the general population and many journalists have accepted this hypothesis into their understanding of mental illness uncritically.
  • While critical towards its opposing party, it behaves uncritically towards itself. Cited from Selected Essays, by Karl Marx
  • He stated that older scholarship had treated the accounts of the battle uncritically and perceived the accounts as largely historical.
  • Classical thinkers accepted the legal definition of crime uncritically; crime is what the law says it is.
  • This technique has been accepted uncritically in the previous mortality surveys discussed above.
  • In education, he favored concrete examples and experience over the teaching of abstract knowledge that has to be accepted uncritically.
  • Vanderford's second intention was to point out how uncritically the mainstream media would accept an anonymous video.
  • ENDYL is open to European youth organizations of the democratic left that neither follow a social democratic nor an uncritically orthodox communist course.
  • Thus it appears to have been a labour of love, and as a strong defence of traditional Gaelic learning, though not uncritically so.
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Meaning of uncritically

  • adverb In an uncritical manner
    he accepted her decisions uncritically