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  • How can we form our company if such a lie remains unchallenged? Cited from A Woman Intervenes, by Robert Barr
  • These claims would generally go unchallenged throughout the rest of the century.
  • So far as is known, the report from which they are drawn has gone unchallenged. Cited from The Head Hunters of Northern Luzon, by Cornelis De Witt Willcox
  • So far he had been unchallenged and now, as he sat there, a plan came to him. Cited from The Boy Allies in Great Peril, by Clair W. Hayes
  • The movement to expand the property rights of married women did not go unchallenged.
  • It was fatal to his political career to allow them to go unchallenged. Cited from Stephen A. Douglas, by Allen Johnson
  • But, even if it did, I should not let it pass unchallenged. Cited from The Upas Tree, by Florence L. Barclay
  • To allow him to pass unchallenged would be treason against both her host and her king. Cited from St. George and St. Michael, by G. MacDonald
  • This meant that men formed their picture of the world outside from the unchallenged pictures in their heads. Cited from Public Opinion, by Walter Lippmann
  • The marine search party moved for about south-east but found no sign of a gun and retired at unchallenged.
  • He was silent nevertheless a minute, while the old horse came to an unchallenged slow walk. Cited from Wych Hazel, by Susan and Anna Warner
  • She took her place unchallenged, and her "character" was registered in due time. Cited from Children of the Tenements, by Jacob A. Riis
  • Nothing is known about his teachings, and there is no unchallenged authority for information about his life.
  • They had not reached the point of agreement yet, but might they not on some other ground, where they could be unchallenged? Cited from The Coast of Chance, by Esther Chamberlain and Lucia Chamberlain
  • He presented an unchallenged view of the children's and parents' claims.
  • But the principles of the two former are unchallenged, while those of the third are not. Cited from History Of Modern Philosophy, by Richard Falckenberg
  • This belief continued unchallenged during more than two thousand years, and until after the middle of the nineteenth century. Cited from Warfare of Science/Theology, Andrew Dickson White
  • The young men at the doors of factories looked at his blue eyes and let him pass unchallenged. Cited from Marching Men, by Sherwood Anderson
  • The large changes wrought in the English system of justice did not go unchallenged.
  • His unchallenged strength causes him to be alone, as he can not make any human friends without harming them.
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