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  • Unceasingly they made us go back on our tracks and begin over again. Cited from Light, by Henri Barbusse [Tr.: Fitzwater Wray]
  • Was there a man to be found who could speak eight hours unceasingly? Cited from The Adventures of Hugh Trevor, by Thomas Holcroft
  • He used his mind unceasingly, his body as little as possible. Cited from Gilbert Keith Chesterton, by Maisie Ward
  • She had, he saw suddenly, a child in her arms that cried unceasingly. Cited from The Second Class Passenger, by Perceval Gibbon
  • From mid-day till hours which were far beyond midnight he was unceasingly active. Cited from The Argonauts, by Eliza Orzeszko (AKA Orzeszkowa)
  • Beginning at six in the morning the firing was kept up unceasingly until night-fall. Cited from The Siege of Kimberley, by T. Phelan
  • For the next three or four days the friends worked unceasingly. Cited from Friends In Need, by W.W. Jacobs
  • And why is it that we try so unceasingly to do it? Cited from The American Child, by Elizabeth McCracken
  • He continued unceasingly to use every effort in this holy cause. Cited from The Biography of Robert Murray M'Cheyne, by Andrew A. Bonar
  • His daughter watched with him unceasingly in the last two days and nights. Cited from Charlotte's Inheritance, by M. E. Braddon
  • The empire was then divided between the two rivals, and war continued unceasingly between them. Cited from China, by Demetrius Charles Boulger
  • Her executive talent has unceasingly declared itself and her character has been without reproach. Cited from Life and Work of Susan B. Anthony (Volume 1 of 2), by Ida Husted Harper
  • They watched with her unceasingly -- death might come at any moment. Cited from A Terrible Secret, by May Agnes Fleming
  • For three hours we called unceasingly but no answering sound came back. Cited from The Home of the Blizzard, by Sir Douglas Mawson
  • They are unceasingly at work, and so apparent in their labour that they have long been known. Cited from The Mind and the Brain, by Alfred Binet
  • And so long as he worked unceasingly at that task he might still hope for salvation. Cited from Legend Land, Vol. 1, by Various
  • How many times have I seen the same thing since, traveling unceasingly through cities and ages! Cited from Brazilian Tales, by Joaqium Maria Machado de Assis, et al.
  • His mind was unceasingly at work, planning the details of their move and of the new life. Cited from Ramona, by Helen Hunt Jackson
  • It was to no purpose that she worked unceasingly for the wounded. Cited from The Native Born, by I. A. R. Wylie
  • I shall unceasingly speak to him of the virtues of his most excellent father. Cited from The Life of Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, by Charles Duke Yonge
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