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  • To all of us, his friends, on whom the loss lay almost unbearably heavy. Cited from Gilbert Keith Chesterton, by Maisie Ward
  • If there was any one thing he had done which tried her almost unbearably, it was that! Cited from Wych Hazel, by Susan and Anna Warner
  • It was unbearably still and close; the air seemed to have died when the night came. Cited from Armadale, by Wilkie Collins
  • The playing of children is perhaps the most unbearably sad thing in the world. Cited from Vanishing Roads and Other Essays, by Richard Le Gallienne
  • But let us leave the river bank, which is unbearably hot in spite of the early hour. Cited from From the Caves and Jungles of Hindostan, Blavatsky
  • But after a time, perhaps just because she was so live, it made her unbearably lonely. Cited from The Visioning, by Susan Glaspell
  • Looking to his after story, it seems strange that any one should ever have felt him unbearably prosperous. Cited from The History of David Grieve, by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  • It is brief, moving in places, almost unbearably so, and often beautiful.
  • Anxious Man A man who claimed he is anxious, at times unbearably so.
  • My husband, an experienced doctor, has been treated unbearably by the Prince. Cited from The Guests Of Hercules, by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson
  • Why can an elderly person drink tea which to a child would be unbearably hot? Cited from Hygienic Physiology, by Joel Dorman Steele
  • He only remembered that he was cold -- almost unbearably cold. Cited from Midnight, by Octavus Roy Cohen
  • His face, drawn into lines of age, hurt her unbearably. Cited from Joy in the Morning, by Mary Raymond Shipman Andrews
  • She had had no sleep on the journey, and her mind had been strained unbearably. Cited from The Trespasser, by G. Parker, v3
  • And with the knowledge life grew almost unbearably sweet. Cited from Saturday's Child, by Kathleen Norris
  • The young man felt almost unbearably anxious to know. Cited from From Out the Vasty Deep, by Mrs. Belloc Lowndes
  • It became unbearably evident that he looked on all this as the romance of youth. Cited from The Rules of the Game, by Stewart Edward White
  • Unbearably so -- to a nature like mine which loves love -- and life. Cited from Midnight, by Octavus Roy Cohen
  • When he became unbearably insubordinate I found it my duty to put irons upon him. Cited from Annette, The Metis Spy, by Joseph Edmund Collins
  • In that moment both men, in their different ways, felt dreadfully, almost unbearably, self-conscious. Cited from A Spirit in Prison, by Robert Hichens
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Meaning of unbearably

  • adverb To an unbearable degree
    it was unbearably hot in the room