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  • His book, unassuming as it is, comes up to my test of what such literature should be. Cited from Alone, by Norman Douglas
  • The second factor in his little addition was that he was an unassuming father. Cited from The Reverberator, by Henry James
  • Nothing could be more simple and unassuming than their appearance. Cited from The Sketch-Book of Geoffrey Crayon by W. Irving #5
  • He was so quiet and unassuming that we all liked him much. Cited from Peter Trawl, by W. H. G. Kingston
  • Small and unassuming as she was, she seemed to make it less over-sized. Cited from T. Tembarom, by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  • The shops are unassuming, and so few that one can easily count them. Cited from The Count's Millions, by Emile Gaboriau
  • In his unassuming way he probably did more for North Queensland than any other man.
  • A minute or two after he resumed in the same unassuming voice, like a man thinking his way. Cited from The Innocence of Father Brown by G.K.Chesterton #2
  • Then our friend, despite his unassuming appearance, was evidently a creature of wealth! Cited from A Thousand and One Afternoons in Chicago, B. Hecht
  • His manner, however, was quiet and unassuming, and he appeared like an honest man. Cited from Caesar's Column, by Ignatius Donnelly
  • He sounds unassuming until you realize that's what he's all about.
  • Quiet and unassuming, she won the gratitude of many, and made no one her enemy. Cited from Quo Vadis, The Time of Nero, by Henryk Sienkiewicz
  • The site where the boat sank is an unassuming field about half a mile from the river.
  • Vuich quickly became popular in her conservative district for her unassuming manner and her political independence.
  • He was a plain, unassuming man, and did not feel above writing his speeches. Cited from Remarks, by Bill Nye
  • There was always some new phase in the character of this quiet and unassuming German. Cited from The Goose Girl, by Harold MacGrath
  • He was a most unassuming man, and would not push himself forward. Cited from History of Astronomy, by George Forbes
  • A half-unconscious desire to forget himself among natural and unassuming people moved him to enter the garden. Cited from German Classics of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, Vol. VII
  • Gonella was a down-to-earth and unassuming character, and remained so throughout his life.
  • The current home is unassuming and of contemporary age with the rest of the neighborhood.
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