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  • The film warns us about how life can change almost unapologetically.
  • They are unapologetically let in on the distinctly female voice that is to come.
  • The vast majority of the writing was presented as being unapologetically controversial.
  • The conference is unapologetically pro-public interest, and pro-environment.
  • These are the most unapologetically raunchy songs she's ever sung, and in many ways also the most romantic.
  • The show is staged in what is described as an "unapologetically low-tech" manner.
  • An encyclopedia of dog knowledge, he was generous with his time and was unapologetically honest.
  • Second, the economic climate in India and in Kerala began to become more unapologetically capitalist.
  • Ranger Up also created their Unapologetically American brand in hopes of reaching beyond a military-specific demographic.
  • In all of his work, Louis's style has remained unapologetically empirical with rigorous fidelity to evidence.
  • The piece is unapologetically dissonant, commanding, and march-like (just as its title leads one to expect).
  • On the humor he said "the jokes come at you unapologetically and you're either going to catch them or write them off."
  • The aim was to craft pop songs unapologetically and embrace the genre as much as possible.
  • Historians took umbrage at his unapologetically non-scientific approach.
  • No wonder the state was worried by the revelations made so loudly and unapologetically.
  • It has always taken an unapologetically atheist, anti-religious stance.
  • The content of the speech was unapologetically "dovish" in its pursuit of peace.
  • He is always conning people into giving him free belongings or buying him a drink and is known for being unapologetically greedy if he can get something for nothing.
  • The company articulated a vision for its work that was unapologetically political, fiercely pro-sexual, and fundamentally anti-establishment.
  • The song's title and lyrics comprise an unapologetically aggressive message promoting female empowerment.
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