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  • New members could only be accepted into the group if all existing members were unanimously in favor.
  • The proposal was accepted unanimously, there being no other name before the meeting.
  • The bill was supported by many agricultural groups and unanimously passed first, second and third reading.
  • Within two weeks, the school board unanimously agreed to appeal the decision.
  • One year later, the three-judge court unanimously affirmed the district court decision.
  • The legislation enjoyed all-party support and was passed unanimously at both first and second reading.
  • No player has ever won the award unanimously by capturing all first-place votes.
  • The chairman put the motion to the meeting and it was carried unanimously.
  • The Democratic convention unanimously named him, though some party members were not happy at his selection.
  • Yet when he proposed the idea to his cardinals, it was almost unanimously opposed.
  • At first he declined, since his congregation unanimously asked him to remain.
  • However, it seems this is rarely needed; meeting minutes show the board usually votes unanimously.
  • The House unanimously admitted him to a seat on the floor of the House.
  • Her performance today is unanimously considered to be among her finest.
  • His proposal was adopted unanimously that day, although the first draft would not occur until the next off-season.
  • French was unanimously renominated for the office by his party, and easily won re-election.
  • The bill passed the Senate unanimously within a week of its proposal.
  • He rose to be prior and was then soon unanimously elected abbot.
  • He did and, although it would be his first concert hall, the committee voted unanimously to offer him the commission.
  • The bill passed unanimously in Parliament and was supported by the Law Commission as well.
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Synonyms of unanimously

Meaning of unanimously

  • adverb Of one mind; without dissent
    the Senate unanimously approved the bill, we voted unanimously