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  • I think women who are beautiful, are most so when unadorned. Cited from Minna von Barnhelm, by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
  • She was in a woman's dress, very simple of line and unadorned. Cited from A Pagan of the Hills, by Charles Neville Buck
  • Unadorned brown female is smaller with bill longer than male and dark barred below.
  • His eyes travelled from her face to her unadorned left hand. Cited from The Great Amulet, by Maud Diver
  • They are built of rough-cut stone and are plain and unadorned.
  • Have you forgotten, that in our country it is the custom never to appear unadorned before the king? Cited from An Egyptian Princess, by Georg Ebers, v6
  • Unadorned romance What is Man What are you going to do, you poor soul? Cited from Quotations from Albert Paine's Writings, by Widger
  • Some of them were painted red in front, some of them had only a red door, being otherwise quite brown and unadorned. Cited from Cape Cod Folks, by Sarah P. McLean Greene
  • It has been called "the most unadorned poem that can be found." Cited from Halleck's New English Literature, by Reuben P. Halleck
  • His few and unadorned notes, full of grace, were yet deep and varied in their expression. Cited from Great Italian and French Composers, by George T. Ferris
  • The unadorned olive-brown female is smaller but has a longer tail than the male.
  • Millner had never before heard his young friend put a case with such unadorned precision. Cited from Tales Of Men And Ghosts, By Edith Wharton
  • Others are entirely unadorned and most of the children are also naked. Cited from The Log of the Empire State, Geneve L.A. Shaffer
  • It has a rough appearance and is unadorned in any way.
  • Wherever he looked his eye fell on some piece of work, with no repose or unadorned space. Cited from The Malady of the Century, Max Nordau
  • Its lower section is oblong and unadorned, while the second stage is stepped back and square.
  • Eventually not an inch of wall space will remain unadorned.
  • I see my new look as very innocent and feminine and unadorned.
  • The two other songs were finished but "All Those Years Ago" went unadorned.
  • That this was my design, the book itself proves by its simple method and unadorned composition. Cited from Prefaces and Prologues to Famous Books, by Charles W. Eliot
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Meaning of unadorned

  • adjective Not decorated with something to increase its beauty or distinction