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  • People tend to view current risk levels as unacceptably high for most activities.
  • His earlier views about low-flying aircraft suffering unacceptably high losses were ill-founded.
  • A nuclear peace results when the costs of war are unacceptably high for both sides.
  • Double skinning over such an extensive area would have made the aircraft unacceptably heavy.
  • This effect makes the resistance per unit length unacceptably high compared with the use of DC.
  • His mission was to address the unacceptably high drop-out rate among students in New York City.
  • When closed, these then show unacceptably high resistance; they may also migrate and cause shorts.
  • He never married, having heard his childhood sweetheart utter unacceptably bad language.
  • A few individual aircraft were fitted with both guns - but in practice this reduced performance unacceptably, and a single machine gun remained standard.
  • Production was too slow and quality was unacceptably low.
  • The school was later closed because of financial problems: only one in three students graduated, so the costs per student were unacceptably high.
  • Lateral forces in a turn now became unacceptably high causing thrown tracks and an enormous turn circle.
  • Sometimes the step size is forced down to an unacceptably small level in a region where the solution curve is very smooth.
  • The Army soon indicated that a protection level of thirty millimetres was unacceptably low.
  • One approach is to ban fishing in areas where bycatch is unacceptably high.
  • Further naval construction was unacceptably expensive at a time when social welfare provision was making calls on the budget.
  • Since the 1960s this treatment has been performed primarily on children growing toward an adult height considered unacceptably excessive by their parents and doctors.
  • After airing only three episodes, it was cancelled due to what FOX called unacceptably low ratings.
  • Rickover was particularly of the opinion that U.S. standards of education were unacceptably low.
  • The testing soon showed that its handling qualities in terrain were unacceptably poor.
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Meaning of unacceptably

  • adverb To an unacceptable degree
    The percentage of lead in our drinking water is unacceptably high