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  • At umbilical points the colour of a ridge will change from red to blue.
  • The student transmitter will power up via the umbilical despite being switched off.
  • They number seven or eight and cover the base of the shell and the umbilical depression.
  • They will request assistance only when it is time to cut the umbilical cord.
  • When the mother leaves the hospital, the umbilical cord is given to her.
  • Four days after the birth of the baby, its umbilical cord is cut.
  • There are usually several strong D-rings to secure the umbilical and other equipment.
  • These lines gradually become more crowded toward the umbilical region.
  • He found the child on the floor with its umbilical cord torn across. Cited from Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine, Gould/Pyle
  • After the umbilical cord has been severed the blood vessels within it can serve no further purpose. Cited from The Prospective Mother, by J. Morris Slemons
  • Communication is achieved through digital voice/data transmission via water and umbilical cord.
  • So if one loses his or her umbilical cord, his/her spiritual fate is considered lost as well.
  • A space suit must provide life support, either through an umbilical connection or an independent PLSS.
  • The base of the shell is rather short and slightly inflated immediately below the umbilical area.
  • Access arms on the umbilical tower were rebuilt to match the larger rocket.
  • The name given the child when the umbilical cord is cut remains unchanged. Cited from Through Central Borneo, by Carl Lumholtz
  • The bell umbilical will usually also carry a power cable for internal and external bell lighting.
  • During this time, it took the crew eight minutes to close the hatch as they had some difficulty with the umbilical.
  • In the umbilical region it is opaque white and smooth except for some growth lines.
  • With the help of her sister, she cut the baby's umbilical cord and placed her in a small box.
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Meaning of umbilical

  • adjective Relating to or resembling the umbilicus
    umbilical cord