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  • The twist would not be revealed until the first issue of their own series.
  • For once let's twist and turn one for a good cause, yes?
  • Any interests in past historical culture almost always have a modern twist.
  • The most important thing to remember though is that the twist must go the opposite direction.
  • He has managed to make the movie move fast with many twists and turns.
  • It initially goes down in one direction and at half-way twists in the opposite direction.
  • Many famous writers have tried to put their own little twists on the pictures.
  • He is twisting in pain and starting to take on an animal-like appearance.
  • However he broke down after initial straight line running work stepped up to include twisting and turning.
  • But they had all over time changed into twisted creatures of evil.
  • Many of the characters names are twists on some famous person or character from pop culture.
  • Finally, a break-up takes place due to some twists and turns.
  • The documentary was also referred to as a case study of how truth could be twisted.
  • Then each player will twist their character and the person with the highest number is victorious.
  • Under this rule, I had no choice but twist the arm again.
  • Later, the story has several twists, which ultimately ends on a happy note.
  • It will also hurt if you twist your knee to turn a corner.
  • The main twists this season saw three sets of enemies entering the house together.
  • These characters are generally a twist on the character and ability on the original set of character cards.
  • They fall in love with the surprising new twists he has created for each of their characters.
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Meaning of twist

  • noun A jerky pulling movement
  • noun Social dancing in which couples vigorously twist their hips and arms in time to the music; was popular in the 1960s
    they liked to dance the twist
  • noun Turning or twisting around (in place)
    with a quick twist of his head he surveyed the room
  • verb Turn in the opposite direction
    twist one's head
  • verb Form into a spiral shape
    The cord is all twisted
  • verb Form into twists
    Twist the strips of dough
  • verb Do the twist
  • verb Practice sophistry; change the meaning of or be vague about in order to mislead or deceive
    Don't twist my words
  • verb Twist suddenly so as to sprain
    wrench one's ankle, The wrestler twisted his shoulder, the hikers sprained their ankles when they fell, I turned my ankle and couldn't walk for several days