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  • Until the twentieth century, not one completed even half of its planned season.
  • Numerous new towns were founded during the early years of the twentieth century.
  • Only within the later part of the twentieth century, has normal political activity established.
  • This description came into use during the first half of the twentieth century.
  • The family continued to live in the area through the twentieth century.
  • Her work is considered among some of the greatest in twentieth century Russian literature.
  • Agriculture remained the primary economic base for the region until well into the twentieth century.
  • It became a commercial success and was widely used in offices even into the twentieth century.
  • In the late twentieth century, the city developed a park and museum, named in his honor.
  • During the early years of the twentieth century, the town experienced its greatest period of growth.
  • As the population continued to increase throughout the late twentieth century, the library system continued to grow.
  • The tower was restored in the first few years of the twentieth century.
  • Other areas of the county have attracted national attention in the twentieth century for very different reasons.
  • It is the third-largest island in Europe and the twentieth-largest island on Earth.
  • Most only became public in the last decades of the twentieth century, in his collected works.
  • It does not carry passenger rail, however, not having done so since the early twentieth century.
  • He knew most of the writers of science fiction in the first half of the twentieth-century.
  • The city later had some economic success in the early twentieth century associated with lead mining in the area.
  • Towards the end of the twentieth century his work began to be appreciated once more.
  • Federal and state restoration efforts have helped to improve the land since the late twentieth century.
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