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  • Federal forces held most of the ground to the east of the turnpike.
  • During the 19th century, turnpike companies took over and improved pieces of the road.
  • He predicted the county seat for this new county would be located along the new turnpike.
  • Turnpike roads had a huge impact on the nature of business transport around the region.
  • The turnpike's design would be uniform for its entire length.
  • In addition, another well-used route passed west of this turnpike along current Route 1A.
  • The nearby Turnpike Lane bus station offers further connection to the west, east and north.
  • Samuel was still involved with the turnpike, so John later built the first part of his brother's house.
  • But following a further Act of Parliament a turnpike was constructed.
  • Possibly the term has some reference to those who continually use the pike or turnpike road.
  • Eventually, locals finally began to move towards support of the turnpike.
  • Many of these roads had their origins in historic routes, including turnpike roads.
  • Five bridges carry the turnpike over major rivers in the state.
  • The turnpike commission continued to maintain the tunnels for a few years, but eventually abandoned them.
  • The turnpike runs due north and south between its southern terminus and Wichita.
  • With this, the turnpike became the first road in the world to offer fast food at its service plazas.
  • Turnpike trusts were an early and popular special purpose authority in England.
  • The ships en route from this yard to the ocean would be blocked by the proposed turnpike.
  • A small settlement grew around a store and tollhouse along the turnpike.
  • It was at this public house that the two turnpike roads met originally, before the northern one was rerouted.
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  • noun (from 16th to 19th centuries) gates set across a road to prevent passage until a toll had been paid
  • noun An expressway on which tolls are collected