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  • The first half of the game featured several turnovers by both teams.
  • So neither team was able to score as a result of the turnovers.
  • They also recorded a season high four turnovers in the game.
  • That gave him six touchdown passes and no turnovers in his previous three games.
  • For the second straight week, the Texas defense did not cause any turnovers.
  • Over the one-hundred years, there have been many turnovers in the families living in the twenty-six houses.
  • They played mistake-free football and didn't give up any turnovers.
  • A&T would forced three first-quarter turnovers but were not able to turn any of them into points.
  • Rivers had a career-high six turnovers, five in the second half.
  • The cook who just left went away because I asked her to make some apple turnovers. Cited from Tom Swift And His Wireless Message, V. Appleton #6
  • They also hurt themselves with two turnovers in Texas territory early in the game.
  • As the team's guard, she helped prevent turnovers in the game against Spain.
  • Both teams took advantage of each other's turnovers and mistakes throughout the game.
  • The game was full of turnovers, and neither team could take care of the scoring opportunities.
  • He was the only player in the game with four or more assists and no turnovers.
  • Sometimes people watch a game and see turnovers and they talk about how sloppy the play was.
  • Turnovers within this defense are created by a couple key features of this strategy.
  • The difference in the game came from special teams and turnovers.
  • This is a list of National Basketball Association players by total career regular season turnovers recorded.
  • The game was ultimately decided via special teams and turnovers.
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Root form of turnovers is turnover for the noun.

Meaning of turnovers

  • noun A dish made by folding a piece of pastry over a filling