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  • Whether it has become more truthful in the present days, remains an open question. Cited from The Lifeboat, by R.M. Ballantyne
  • But she is a truthful woman, and her age kept her from being accepted. Cited from More Tish, by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  • Taking thought, he saw no great danger in being truthful for once. Cited from The Day of Days, by Louis Joseph Vance
  • He is a truthful man; we wish all difficult matters settled before him. Cited from A Canyon Voyage, by Frederick S. Dellenbaugh
  • You would not respect me or believe me truthful if I should give up to you. Cited from His Heart's Queen, by Mrs. Georgie Sheldon
  • Call on them now, and let them answer you, if ye are truthful! Cited from Three Translations of The Koran (Al-Qur'an) side by side
  • Product information provided by a business should always be complete and truthful.
  • I have rarely known a perfectly truthful man who was always behind time. Cited from Architects of Fate, by Orison Swett Marden
  • He doesn't care what she does, as long as she is truthful.
  • He was not being truthful to the public, and he was not being true to himself.
  • As important to him, he believed his work should be and was truthful at its core.
  • If the hearts were indeed truthful, then why are not all the people of the heart united?
  • So in playing my role, I have to be truthful in my scenes.
  • You cannot make a boy truthful in word if you let him lie in deed. Cited from Religious Education in the Family, by Henry F. Cope
  • For only so could he tell an entirely truthful story. Cited from Gilbert Keith Chesterton, by Maisie Ward
  • The two subsequently kiss and make up, beginning a new and truthful relationship.
  • What a pair of soft truthful eyes you have, to be sure! Cited from Debit and Credit, by Gustav Freytag
  • She gave a powerful and very truthful testimony which was widely received by all who attended.
  • "I want to be as truthful as my face -- if you could read it right." Cited from Ambrotox and Limping Dick, by Oliver Fleming
  • Bring me a book before this or traces of knowledge, if you are truthful. Cited from Three Translations of The Koran (Al-Qur'an) side by side
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Meaning of truthful

  • adjective Expressing or given to expressing the truth
    a true statement, gave truthful testimony, a truthful person