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  • The latter appeared in truncated form, split to begin side one and end side two.
  • The route was truncated on both ends over the next two decades.
  • The single platform was truncated still further, and can now handle no more than a three-coach train.
  • Even the truncated version was met with considerable controversy by UK film critics.
  • Even in its truncated state, Black Sunday was considered to contain strong material for its time.
  • It was truncated back to its current southern terminus in the early 1970s.
  • It would later be truncated back to its later eastern terminus.
  • It is truncated before the point where the main hall of the synagogue began.
  • Most commonly it is performed in a truncated version based on the chorus.
  • The first four series contained twelve episodes each; the fifth season was truncated, with only six episodes having been produced.
  • One example of truncated samples come from historical military height records.
  • However, a sudden accident truncates the young life of Thomas and all his brilliant projects.
  • These are the only two known fixtures in that truncated first season.
  • The southern cross is truncated and has a mutilated head from a different cross.
  • The opening sequence was later truncated, as cast names were shown after the sequence, over the episode itself.
  • This process happened in an especially pronounced and truncated way in Eastern Europe.
  • In this case, one can use a truncated mean.
  • Two other ring-groove structures found on site were very heavily truncated.
  • Several film critics said the film felt truncated.
  • For example, saving a truncated comment if the length is longer than expected.
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Meaning of truncate

  • verb Replace a corner by a plane
  • verb Approximate by ignoring all terms beyond a chosen one
    truncate a series
  • verb Make shorter as if by cutting off
    truncate a word, Erosion has truncated the ridges of the mountains