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  • Here the structure group has been reduced completely to the trivial group.
  • In particular, simple groups are allowed to have a non-trivial center.
  • For four given elements there is one non-trivial case which is discussed below.
  • Once these are known, the ones with non-trivial center are easy to list as follows.
  • As the trivial name has been used in literature for a long time, this is yet not always the case.
  • We are going to prove that every finite p-group has a non-trivial center.
  • Instead, it was considered a form of trivial literature for children.
  • In this article the connected simple Lie groups with trivial center are listed.
  • This practice also spread to street names, names of parks and buildings, and some more trivial features.
  • Each morning, they studied all the records regardless of whether they seemed slight and trivial or significant.
  • The market is certainly much smaller than the financial markets but it is not trivial.
  • De Morgan's laws can be proved easily, and may even seem trivial.
  • It follows that a non-trivial regular two-graph has an even number of points.
  • Yet in a very strong sense the explanation of common descent is also trivial.
  • Four is also the order of the smallest non-trivial groups that are not simple.
  • Her extensive book-learning makes her a fountain of knowledge from the grand to the trivial.
  • A path-connected space with a trivial fundamental group is said to be simply connected.
  • Everything that occurs can be related to a prior cause or association, no matter how vast or how minute and trivial.
  • A day-today trivial event may generalize to other problems experienced by the member.
  • In this sense this class has become somewhat trivial.
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