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  • Dick saw him more than once, and he knew how he doubly and triply earned the famous name which that day and the next were to give him. Cited from The Rock of Chickamauga, by Joseph A. Altsheler
  • Truly the nerves that could remain steady in such moments must be made of steel triply wrought. Cited from The Scouts of Stonewall, by Joseph A Altsheler
  • In a triply redundant system, the system has three sub components, all three of which must fail before the system fails.
  • The system is notable for the unique triply eclipsing variations that are observed as each star passes behind or in front of the others.
  • Fool as he had been not to recognize its meaning then, he knew himself triply mocked in being, even now, at its mercy. Cited from The Custom of the Country, by Edith Wharton
  • His face became triply armed with severity for the encounter. Cited from Stories of Mystery, by Various
  • In some cases some of the leaflets are further completely subdivided, forming a triply compound pattern.
  • For the rest, there is no person in Nacumera so untutored as to cross my least desire until my death is triply proven. Cited from Domnei, by James Branch Cabell
  • Right was that word -- thou namest well The brooding race-fiend, triply fell! Cited from The House of Atreus, by AEschylus
  • The sinking of these ships was triply significant.
  • One triply charmed baryon has been predicted but not yet observed.
  • Nebraska is a triply landlocked state, as it does not border the ocean, nor do any of the states it borders, nor any that they border.
  • The bus can be made dual or triply redundant by using several independent wire pairs, and then all devices are connected to all buses.
  • Thus, this canvas is triply precious for its size, quality, and rarity.
  • Then there would be the aforementioned "triply clean meat" rule.
  • Those small speedy Terran ships were prudently provided with weapons triply deadly in proportion to their size. Cited from Storm Over Warlock, by Andre Norton
  • Hence virtually all fly-by-wire flight control systems are either triply or quadruply redundant in their computers and electronics.
  • Every truth is triangular, and no demonstration responds to its object save in virtue of a triply triple formula. Cited from Delsarte System of Oratory, by Francois Delsarte et al.
  • Such an one I remember, triply cased in grease, whom no extremity of temperature could vanquish. Cited from Works of Robert Louis Stevenson - Swanston Edition, by R.L. Stevenson
  • But seconds counted triply now, and the halt and the time they would spend getting up impetus all told in favor of the fugitive. Cited from The Seventh Man, by Max Brand
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