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  • He was of the opinion that only a separate state would help the tribals to develop.
  • According to this traditional view that the people had lived in a group of tribals or people.
  • Tribals have their own language although not all written.
  • The temple is mostly visited by the local tribals and non-tribal people as well all around the year.
  • The Tribals are a major part of the population of this district.
  • Religion plays an important part in the life of tribals.
  • More than half of the district's residents are tribals, who have their own dance styles including famous fire dance.
  • With time, this has become a forgotten practice and many tribals now do not even know about such rituals.
  • Paulose had actually lost his way in the deep forest which eventually led him to a group of ancient tribals.
  • Angered crowd killed the police officer, which caused more violence between officials and tribals.
  • In those days, tribals would also set houses on fire to settle grievances.
  • The place was initially occupied by the local tribals which later on attracted people from neighbouring states.
  • The Tribals are famous for their songs and dance along with their hospitality.
  • Descendants of earlier inhabitants, the tribals of the forest, can still be seen.
  • The tribals also work in nearby factories and also hold a lot of government jobs.
  • Generally, after the third year, the tribals abandon this land and shift to new land.
  • Some tribals have a tradition of 'second marriage' as an approved social-custom.
  • The tribals who see the sun rise and set every day over these mountains believe that the mountains are the abode of their god.
  • Though they are tribals, the government has not recognized them as a Scheduled Tribe.
  • "Tribals" are found in almost all the states of country.
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