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  • Ptolemy calls it a Triballian town, but it later became Roman.
  • Meanwhile, a large Triballian army led by their king, Syrmus, advanced upon the Macedonian rear.
  • Poseidon, Heracles and an outlandish Triballian god after a long discussion make terms with the new monarch, who goes with them to fetch his bride. Cited from Authors of Greece, by T. W. Lumb
  • Some of these authors clearly explain that "Triballian" is synonym to "Serbian".
  • The Triballian King Syrmus was later considered the eponymous founder of Sirmium, but the roots are different, and the two words only became conflated later.
  • HERACLES Hi Triballian, do you want a thrashing? Cited from The Birds, Aristophanes
  • It was to this island that in the 330s BC the West Thracian Triballian king Syrmus took refuge when pursued by Alexander the Great.
  • For the barbarian and Triballian gods there is no return; but the Olympians, if dead as deities, survive as impersonations of Man's highest conceptions of the beautiful. Cited from The Twilight of the Gods, and Other Tales, by Richard Garnett
  • The Macedonians marched on into the country of the Triballi, and proceeded to defeat the Triballian army near the Lyginus river (a tributary of the Danube).
  • In June 2008, a Triballian (Thracian) grave was found with ceramics (urns).
  • From the Illyrians the river Angros flows Northwards and runs out into the Triballian plain and into the river Brongos, and the Brongos flows into the Ister; thus the Ister receives both these, being great rivers. Cited from The History of Herodotus V1 by Herodotus/ Macaulay
  • The Triballi were often described as a wild and warlike people (Isocrates), and in Aristophanes, a Triballian is introduced as a specimen of an uncivilized barbarian.
  • Alexander the Great defeated the Triballian king Syrmus and the northern barbarian Thracian and Illyrian tribes by advancing from Macedonia as far as the Danube in 336 BC.
  • The Bastarnae are properly classed as Scythians and at this time had crossed the Ister and subdued the part of Moesia opposite them, then the Triballi who live near it, and the Dardani who inhabit the Triballian country. Cited from Dio's Rome, Vol. III, by Cassius Dio

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