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  • Info The Triballi were an ancient tribe whose dominion was around the plains of modern southern Serbia and western Bulgaria, at the Angrus and Brongus (the South and West Morava) and the Iskar River, roughly centered where Serbia and Bulgaria are joined.
  • The defeat pushed the Triballi further to the east.
  • Two of the many tribes found among them are those formerly called the Triballi, and the Dardani, who still retain their old name.
  • The Triballi and Scordisci tribes lived in this area until the Romans came.
  • Two of the many nations found among them are the Triballi, once so named, and the Dardani, who have the same designation at present. Cited from Dio's Rome, Vol. III, by Cassius Dio
  • They began to expand eastward into territories controlled by the Triballi.
  • One of the reasons for this revolt was that the Triballi were unable to get luxurious goods and other items from the south.
  • Its name is derived from the Paleo-Balkan tribe of Triballi who lived in the region.
  • The Macedonians were then attacked in the rear by the Triballi, who were crushed in turn.
  • The earliest people in Skopje Valley were probably the Triballi.
  • He then marched through the territory of the Triballi in a demonstration of force, which probably lay upstream along the course of the Danube.
  • The Ardiaei were moved toward the coasts and the Triballi to the east.
  • The earliest identifiable people in the Skopje Valley were probably the Triballi.
  • The Triballi dwelled in this region, mentioned as early as 424 BC.
  • But one thing I can tell you for certain, namely, that Zeus and the celestial Triballi are going to send deputies here to sue for peace. Cited from The Eleven Comedies: Volume 2, Aristophanes
  • An Athenian club for lawless youths was named after the Triballi.
  • According to ancient accounts, the area was populated by the Thracian tribe of the Triballi or a related group of Thracians.
  • Hostilities took place, in which Philip was defeated and wounded by a spear in his right thigh, but the Triballi appear to have been subsequently subdued by him.
  • Triballi (Thracian) tombs have been found on the site.
  • The punishment inflicted by him on the Getae, however, induced the Triballi to sue for peace.
  • In 375 BC the Triballi, rebelled against his kingdom.
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