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  • Ecoregional Democracy and peace movement advocates are also often new tribalists as well, as the groups share common ideals.
  • Government newspapers launched attacks on the publication in front page articles, denouncing the authors as "tribalists".
  • New tribalists insist that this is, in fact, the natural state of humanity, and proven by two million years of human evolution.
  • Current political theories of the new tribalists consciously mimic ecology and the life-ways of indigenous peoples, augmenting them with modern sciences.
  • Harsh critics of artificial intelligence on ethical grounds are likely to promote collective wisdom-building methods, such as the new tribalists and the Gaians.
  • These philosophers have led to new tribalists pursuing what Daniel Quinn dubbed the "New Tribal Revolution".
  • According to new tribalists, the tribe fulfills both an emotionally and organizationally stabilizing role in human life, and the dissolution of tribalism with the spread of globalized civilization has come to threaten the very survival of the human species.
  • He ananounced an increase in prices paid to the coffee farmers, he promised to democratise Buganda, he denounced reactionaries and tribalists, his followers even swore loyalty to the Kabaka.
  • The new tribalists use the term "tribalism" not in its widely thought of derogatory sense, but to refer to what they see as the defining characteristics of tribal life: namely, an open, egalitarian, classless and cooperative community.
  • New tribalists do not necessarily seek to mimic indigenous peoples, but merely to admit the success of indigenous living, and to use some of the basic underlying tenets of that lifestyle for organizing modern tribes, with fundamental principles gleaned from ethnology and anthropological fieldwork.

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