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  • Legend has it that tribal meetings and games used to be held at the site.
  • Language or tribal differences are not a political or social issue.
  • In addition, several other minority groups lived a tribal lifestyle across the territory.
  • Most follow a multi-member tribal council model with a chairman or president elected directly by the voters.
  • The land and money were divided among regional, urban, and village tribal corporations.
  • However, most parts of the interior region consisted of independent tribal societies.
  • There were once many tribal villages along the lower river and in the area around its mouth on the Columbia.
  • They had a tribal trade system culture that crafted cold worked copper pieces.
  • Ireland was divided into even smaller political units, usually known as tribal kingdoms, under the control of kings.
  • After the death of a tribal leader the alliance with the tribe of that leader was regarded as having ended.
  • This process transferred tribal community land into private ownership.
  • According to some tribal members, use of the spelled-out name of the university can be offensive.
  • To achieve this, tribal governments had to end and all residents accept state government.
  • Their campaigns generally focus on tribal people's fight to keep their ancestral lands.
  • Tribal affairs are led by a tribal chief and seven tribal council members.
  • This individual is often considered a leading tribal figure whose trust is placed by his tribe as well as the ruler.
  • By the early 21st century, tribal nations had also established numerous language revival programs in their schools.
  • The Nation has one of the largest tribal governments in North America.
  • The school is also the location of the tribal headquarters.
  • Each tribal government makes its own rules for eligibility of citizens or tribal members.
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Meaning of tribal

  • adjective Relating to or characteristic of a tribe
    tribal customs