tremblingly on

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  • A hand was laid tremblingly on his arm. Cited from The Puppet Crown, by Harold MacGrath
  • The warning seemed unnecessary, for Mrs. Dawson appeared too paralysed with fear to utter even the faintest cry as she dropped tremblingly on the nearest chair. Cited from The Bittermeads Mystery, by E. R. Punshon
  • Having removed and hidden all traces of the escapade he hooted for the alert Zany, who had been tremblingly on the watch in spite of her knowledge of what was going on. Cited from Miss Lou, by E. P. Roe
  • And now, as the miscreant fell tremblingly on his knees, and beseeching that mercy which he had denied so many, Lorenzo's frenzy surmounted all his resolution. Cited from Our World, by Francis Colburn Adams
  • The sun's rays had by this time penetrated the misty atmosphere, and the white frost had changed to diamond drops, which hung tremblingly on the leafless branches. Cited from A Woodland Queen, by Andre Theuriet, v1
  • He now felt the conviction that this man who was leaning tremblingly on his arm, had given him the thousand pounds as a bribe, and that somehow the treatment of Raffles had been tampered with from an evil motive. Cited from Middlemarch, by George Eliot[#1]
  • Indeed, she murmured into the sympathetic ear of this astute young searcher of hearts more than her words alone said, with the result that Virginia guessed what she herself had not yet quite found out, though her heart was hovering tremblingly on the brink of discovery. Cited from Ridgway of Montana, by William MacLeod Raine
  • It hurt him cruelly, and for a moment he felt sick and faint; but a round of applause from those below (for now Miss Eulie and the children were out, looking tremblingly on), and Annie's cry of joy and encouragement, again gave him strength. Cited from Opening a Chestnut Burr, Edward Payson Roe