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  • At that time the road was very treacherous due to heavy traffic and difficult situation.
  • In the second half, rain added to the wind to make conditions treacherous.
  • The once treacherous trip could be done in less than a day.
  • Under the right wind direction and speed, sea conditions on large areas of the bay can become quite treacherous.
  • Numerous roads across the island were shut down due to treacherous conditions.
  • This single event became the most treacherous one-hundred miles in pioneering history.
  • The story is about three brothers who, travelling together, reach a treacherous river.
  • The distance was one and a half miles, but crossed the treacherous passage.
  • Everyone was relieved the race went without any significant incident in such treacherous conditions.
  • The final assault came when the gates were finally opened under the order of the treacherous minister.
  • After rain, the snow may be covered by ice which is treacherous.
  • In many of his novels, treacherous women play a significant role.
  • The cat of my aunt is more treacherous than the dog of your uncle.
  • The stretch of water where we found him is one of the most treacherous in Britain.
  • This area is regarded as one of the most treacherous river bars in the world.
  • Although the sun was out at the start of the race, the road were still wet and treacherous.
  • The treacherous pair try every underhanded way they can to destroy her business.
  • However, the drive can be very treacherous in the winter.
  • When the moment came, the flag was placed there by the treacherous servant.
  • The rain eventually became heavier, making the conditions treacherous and bringing the safety car back out.
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